Friday, June 13, 2008

Lil' Boiband :-)

Inspired (and using vocal samples from Take That Live In Manchester 2007's "Create A Boyband")
I made this simple concept about revolutions of young men's band from 60's to 90's decade, and put it into my mix and choreography.
With big helps from this dance group Lil' Boiz, not to mention the vocal trainer (hired to teach the boys to sing the last song on this mix, so it ONLY sounds-not-too-good _ instead of bad LOL), also the costume designer who has been so cooperative with my ideas about transforming styles during eras (not too cooperative about the deadline,though ;-) ) so we won as the first winner on this dance competition.

I know there'll be critics about Beatles' song I used on the beginning of the dance (60's era) knowing that I put Jackson Five for the 70's , NKOTB for the 80's and BSB&'NSync for the 90's, since you might not agree about Beatles compared to boybands, please do not take it seriously, but I couldn't think about any boy groups so popular in the 60's the way the other groups from other eras were.
Excuse my limitation.

Commenting about the last song sung by Lil' Boiz themselves, it was only a concept about how they wish they could be in the millenium era.
In case you need to hear more to understand the english lyric they sing in Indonesian accent, feel free to listen to the song clearlier, by viewing the Lil' Boiz - Lil' Boiz post.

Thanks for viewing, I hope besides critics, there are also positive comments from you to keep me going.

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