Saturday, April 4, 2009

Craig David VS Jordan Knight-Give Insomnia To You

Rappy ft Craig David VS Jordan Knight-Give Insomnia To You

mashed-up by: rappy
Elements used:
Jordan Knight-Give It To You (rappy DIY Instrumental)
Jordan Knight-Give It To You (acapella)
Jordan Knight-Give It To You (Video Version)
Craig David-Insomnia (Instrumental)
Craig David-Insomnia (rappy DIY acapella)

I know! I know!
The sound quality is aweful, isn't it?
I searched everywhere but couldn't find the download links of Craig David-Insomnia (acapella) and Jordan Knight-Give It To You (Album Version Instrumental) that I know does exist for sale somewhere,(All i found was only a so-so karaoke of 'Give It To You' with annoying background vocals :-( )
So before I missed my mood to make this mashup, I decided to use knockout method to make DIY instrumental and acapella of the tracks, only to finish this and let you guys know what exactly I wanted to make when I couldn't stop asking you guys if you had JK's instrumental or even ask if you could make a very similar backing track of the song. :-)
Anyways, if you have the original instrumental of Jordan Knight or Acapella of Craig David, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know, feel free to discuss with me about how you would share/trade that with anything I have out of my collections. It would be very helpful to me to redo this mash with appropriate sound quality.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy this mashup and do not enjoy the sound quality so much you'd look for the better instru and pella source for me. :-) LOL


Lil' Boiz Gajah Mada Plaza, March 22, 2009, Version 2