Friday, June 24, 2011

SUMMER BOOTY 2011-The Summer Mashup Collection (Compiled by DJ Useo)

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Thanks to DJ Useo for including my mashups on this big annual compilation album!!!!
Lie Down (Version 1)
Project Pop vs Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne

[Disc 1, Track 10]

Lie Down (Version 2)
Project Pop vs Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne

[Disc 3, Track 13]

as a belated birthday present for Project Pop ( &!/projectpop) on their 15th anniversary. May success and all the best wishes in the world be with you guys.

I Wanna Go All The Way
Britney Spears vs Cheryl Cole vs Justin Bieber
vs Black Eyed Peas vs Cher vs Christina Aguilera
vs Fatboy Slim vs 'NSync

[Disc 2, Track 05]

New Kids On The Block vs Usher Feat Will-I-Am
[Disc 2, Track 14]

OMG NKOTB (Mashup of New Kids On The Block - Step by Step VS Usher ft WIll.I.Am - OMG ) Covered by POPcorner (Boyband from Indonesia)